CityWatch offers feature-rich GPS tracker that address the security concerns of operators on the famous Uber and Taxify ride sharing platforms in Nigeria.

Uber/Taxify Operators Trust Us.


45,000 ₦ 35,000 New
* Implementation cost per vehicle

Top-Rated Features

Here's a list of top rated features, that have made CityWatch GPS tracker a popular choice among Uber and Taxify operators.

Realtime fleet tracking

Realtime Vehicle Tracking on Phones & PCs

Enable Uber operators keep their eyes on the roads, as they view realtime locations of their vehicle(s), using mobile phones and computer browsers.

Vehicle Demobilizer

Demobilizers Put You In-charge

Demobiblizers are installed to enable you shut-down your vehicles via mobile phones, whenever the need arises - distance is no barrier.

GPS device with conversation monitor

Conversation Monitoring System

Enables you listen to conversations going on with and around your vehicle.

Realtime Notifications

Realtime Alerts

Realtime alerts will enable you monitor important events & riders' compliance to set rules, while you attend to other crucial functions.

Fleet Maintenance scheduling system

Automate Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

The system automatically sums up engine running hour & distance covered per trip, notifying users when vehicles are due for preventive maintenance, based on mileage or engine running hour estimations.

Geofence Alerts

Geofence Alerts

Most vehicles on Uber platform are forbidden from going outside of Lagos - Geofence alert is triggered once vehicle leaves Lagos state.

Trip replay function

Replay Vehicle Trip Records

Who said you can't revisit the past - this feature enable Uber/Taxify operators replay vehicle trip records for a specified period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Good GPS tracker installation on vehicles last for about 2 hours on average. However, actual duration depends on vehicle make.

Yes, we run GPS tracker installation at clients premises or other preferred locations - you are not mandated to bring your vehicle to us.

Absolutely, yes. We encourage a Do It Yourself (DIY) practice. After installation, we will train you on how the GPS tracker works - the system is user friendly and very easy to operate.

Yes, we accept payment after GPS tracker installation and testing.

We acknowledge the fact that NO system is 100% tamper-proof. However, owing to our years of experience on this job, we are able to make installations that are covert and very hard to locate. Moreover, to prevent sabotage, we usually do not allow drivers around our work vicinity.