Feature-rich Fleet Management System

CityWatch Fleet Management System is a powerful, feature-rich system which makes fleet management operations hassle free. Concerned about your fleet operations performance? Call us today for a customized fleet management system that fit your day-to-day business operations - without breaking the bank.

Amazing Features

Here's a list of top rated features of CityWatch Fleet Management System, as rated by our existing clients.

Realtime fleet tracking

Realtime Fleet Tracking on Phones & PCs

Enable fleet operators view realtime location of every vehicle on their fleet using mobile phones and computer browsers.

Trip replay function

Replay Vehicle Trip Records

Who said you can't revisit the past - this feature enable fleet operators replay fleet trip records for a specified period of time.

Fleet Maintenance scheduling system

Automate Fleet Maintenance Schedule

The system automatically sums up engine running hour & distance covered per trip, notifying users when vehicles are due for preventive maintenance, based on mileage or engine running hour estimations.

Realtime Notifications

Realtime Alerts

Realtime alerts will enable you monitor important fleet events & drivers' compliance to set rules, while you attend to other crucial business functions.

Vehicle Demobilizer

Demobilizers Put You In-charge

Demobiblizers are installed to enable you shut-down your vehicles via mobile phones, whenever the need arises - distance is no barrier.

Fuel level sensor

Fuel Level Monitoring System

Constantly monitors, analyses and reports vehicle fuel levels at all time. This is especially useful in curbing incidences of fuel pilferage.

Custom fleet reports

Operations-tailored Reports

Generate advanced reports that provide actionable data pertaining to fleet utilization and employee productivity.

Fleet Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming / Video Playback

Allows you keep your eyes on the road as you view a live video stream of happenings around your vehicles. This helps in monitoring driver’s habits and behaviours behind the wheel.

Geofence Alerts

Geofence & PoI Alerts

Triggers alerts when vehicle enters or leaves a pre-defined geographical area or point of interest (PoI).