Best Rated GPS Tracker for Tricycles (Keke NAPEP)

Concerned about the security of your tricycles (keke maruwa)? The rising incidences of tricycle theft calls for serious concern - but, worry no more, as CityWatch GPS tracker will get you covered. Get ahead of the game - call us today for a customised GPS tracking system that meet the special requirements for keke maruwa (tricycle) tracking.

Tricycles Tracked


35,000 ₦ 25,000 New
* Implementation cost per tricycle

Customers' Top Rated Features

Here's a list of favorite features of CityWatch tricycle tracking solution, as rated by our existing clients.

waterproof GPS device for tricycles

Waterproof GPS tracker for all Weather/Season

CityWatch waterproof tricycle tracking device guarantees optimum performance in all weather and season - be it dry or rainy season.

waterproof GPS device for tricycles

Realtime Tracking on Phones & Computers

Enable you view realtime location of your tricycles at all time. This facilitate easy recovery in the event of theft.

Automated Late Hour Shut-down Schedule

Tricycle thefts occur mostly at late hours when riders are asleep. We have an automated system that shuts down & re-mobiblze tricycles at preset times each day.

Slim GPS device for tricycles

Demobilizers Put You In-charge

Demobiblizers are installed to enable you shut-down your tricycle via mobile phones, whenever the need arises - distance is no barrier.

Slim GPS device for tricycles

Slim GPS Tracker

We use slim GPS trackers for tricycle tracking - this allows us make very covert installations (that are very hard to locate) on tricycle systems where space is usually a luxury.

Low Power Consump'

CityWatch tricycle GPS tracking device does not drain tricycle battery, as it has very low power consumption.

Realtime Alerts

This include - Overspeed alerts that are triggered when riders exceed preset speed limits, movement alerts, maintenance due alerts, ignition ON/OFF alerts, among others.

Slim GPS device for tricycles

Geofence Alert

Triggers alerts when tricycle is taken in or out of a restricted/authorized area.

Slim GPS device for tricycles

Access to Historic Data

Who said you can't revisit the past - this feature enable Users replay tricycle trip records.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

GPS tracker installation on Keke Maruwa (tricycle) last for about 40 Minutes on average.

Yes, we run GPS tracker installation at clients premises or other preferred locations - you are not mandated to bring your tricycle to us.

Absolutely, yes. We encourage a Do It Yourself (DIY) practice. After installation, we will train you on how the GPS tracker works - the system is user friendly and very easy to operate.

The GPS tracker we use for keke maruwa tracking are waterproof - no damage is expected to occur when the GPS tracking device comes in contact with water or gets beaten by rain.

CityWatch automated late hour shutdown schedule system allow clients enforce a daily schedule during which their tricycles are demobilized. We deployed this system in response to the increasing incidences of tricycle theft at late hours when riders are at sleep. For instance, let’s say your riders retire home to rest at 11.30pm daily and resume work at 6.00am the following day. A daily shutdown schedule can be enforced within the hours of 11.30pm-to-6.00am - during this period, the tricycle will be demobilized.

The GPS tracking device we use for tricycle tracking does not drain tricycle battery, as it has very low power consumption.

We acknowledge the fact that NO system is 100% tamper-proof. However, because the GPS tracker we use for tricycle tracking is quite small, reinforced by our installers’ years of experience on this job, we are able to make installations that are covert and very hard to locate. Moreover, to prevent sabotage, we usually do not allow people around our work vicinity.