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CityWatch Hosted Tracking Solution (HTS) offers a refreshing relief to SMEs providing tracking services in price sensitive markets. CityWatch HTS is a cloud based implementation of OpenGTS, world most popular tracking server, an open source project that is constantly evolving to keep pace with the latest trends in the global telematics industry. It feels good to pay less. Sign up now.

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Over 600 tracking devices supported.

99.99% server up-time guaranteed.

Cheap and convenient pricing.

Easy to set up.

7 day free trial (No credit card details required for signup).


Real-time Tracking /

Provides a split screen view with a mapped interface, used for reviewing vehicle routes, speed, stops and transit time (among others). Users are thus, able to monitor their vehicles, real-time using their web browsers.

Access to Historic Data /

Users are able to access stored data at a later date. Information pertaining to vehicle usage over a period of three (3) months is retained on our data base. Thus, users can access them over the internet whenever they chose to do so.

Track Playback/

This feature provides a colour coded animation lines, which traces vehicle driven routes over a specified period.

/Electronic Fencing/Geo Fencing

Users can create geozones to restrict their vehicles from travelling beyond certain pre-set borders. Alarms are triggered when the system detects that a particular vehicle has moved out of the geozone.

/Real-Time Alerts

Important events are captured and reported just in time. Automated reports are issued as SMS alerts or email notifications when certain rules are broken or when certain conditions are met.

/Automatic Preventive Maintenance (PM) Scheduling System

The system automatically sums up vehicle odometer reading for each trip. Clients are thus notified when vehicles are due for Preventive Maintenance (PM), based on mileage calculations.

With the rising cost of the US dollar, CityWatch Hosted Tracking Solution remains your sure bet to running a profitable tracking business in Nigeria. Join the league of "smart entrepreneurs" today and remain competitive. Over 600 tracking devices already supported.


Over 600 tracking devices supported. Click here to view full list.


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